The Vena® Vario harvesting chair combines comfort and functionality. The simple operation of the Vena® Vario facilitates rapid intervention in emergency situations.

The patient can be put in the Trendelenburg position in one quick maneuver operated by side handles. Vena® Vario allows the patient to sit comfortably and relax during blood collection. The nurse can offer support to the back and legs simultaneously which ensures good support for the whole body. When reclined, the chair can be used as a treatment table.

Vena® Vario is equipped with two armrests that are adjustable in height and inward/outward orientation. By opting for the multi-adjustable armrests it is even easier to put the patient’s arm in a correct and relaxed position and to take the sample in an ergonomic position.

Comfortable high backrest for a relaxing position
Choose from various functional and ergonomic armrests
Simple design prevents dust accumulation and facilitates cleaning
“Get-up brackets for easy sitting and standing
Sturdy frame provides stability, even in the Trendelenburg position!
Choice of skids or wheels with brakes for transport and maneuverability

Standard model:

    • Gutter armrests: 2 x ‘Vena® fixed’ Pur
    • Fixed height: 46 cm
    • Dimensions: inclined 167,5 cm, base 58 (W) cm x 70 (L) cm
    • Robust frame (white RAL 9016)



  • Armrests: ‘Vena® multi adjustable’ in PU or padded.
  • Get-up brackets
  • Swivel wheels (with brake)