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Specialists in medical chairs and products

We specialize in providing chairs, ergonomic products and seating for medical purposes. Our products are ideal for dialysis, oncology, day surgeries, specimen collection, nuclear medicine, mammography and many other medical procedures.

Our products are selected according to strict criteria based on design, comfort and quality.

Ergonomic design

We focus on this criteria so that our chairs and armchairs help caregivers work safely and efficiently. By providing anti-bacterial, adjustable and durable medical products, we believe we are protecting them from inconveniences such as viruses and injuries.

Designed for comfort

Short-term and long-term comfort is one of our main selection criteria. Indeed, in many situations, users will be required to stay in place for long hours on our medical chairs and armchairs. Therefore, durability is required to ensure that comfort lasts over time.

Attention to quality and detail

We are proud to offer a wide range of colors and small details that allow our customers to perfectly match their products to their work environment, without compromising on quality and durability.

In addition to our choice of criteria, we strive to offer our customers impeccable service. We sell across Canada and stock a good quantity of products in Montreal to allow for quick supply. We offer a wide variety of options and configurations for the most diverse applications. Many chairs are available in 4 sizes. Ranging from pediatric to bariatric.

We offer on-site demonstrations.


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Description and benefits

Ergonomic design to help caregivers work safely and efficiently.

Designed for patient and caregiver comfort.

Attention to quality and detail: for beauty and durability.

We also pay special attention to service.
We sell all over Canada and our most popular models are in stock in Montreal to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

We try to meet the specific needs of our customers by offering a wide variety of options and configurations for the most diverse applications, many of these chairs are available in 4 sizes ranging from pediatric to bariatric.

We always keep ease of operation and safety in mind.

We are medical seating specialists, selling therapy chairs, whether for dialysis, oncology or day surgery, specimen collection, nuclear medicine or mammography chairs and many more.