The Stephen H Comfort 5.0 chair is designed to ensure adequate comfort for patients of all sizes, during surgery and medium and long-term therapies. Thanks to the interchangeability system of the headrests and the numerous accessories available, this medical device is particularly suitable for minor surgery interventions. Through the motorized adjustments, (variable height through column, simultaneous and / or independent adjustment of the leg section and backrest, seat inclination adjustment / trendelenburg or shock-position). It adapts to the needs
of the surgeon by facilitating the accommodation process of the patient even in emergency situations (CPR).

Standard features


Throug 4 (four) low voltage electric actuators:

    • Through no.2 dedicated motors it is possible to independently and simultaneously adjust back
      and the leg sections (equipment code AC12).
    • Through a motorized columns it is possible to adjust the height of the chair (equipment code
    • AC28).
    • Through a dedicated motor it is possible to adjust the inclination of the seat (equipment code
    • AC35/1).
    • Trendelenburg position 10° (shock position in alternative).



    • A wide range of headrests can be coupled with the chair. One among the list at page 6 is
      included in the standard configuration. The others can be bought separately.
    • Every headrest is independent, removable, extremely stable, adjustable in height and tiltable
      (code ACS4/1 has a bilateral tilting feature).
    • Some headrests feature a paticular nuchal accomodation system. This system is very useful to
      stabilize the head.



    • The movements of the armrest is synchronized with the backrest. They can be turned and tilted
      and are adjustable in height.
    • The armrests are revolving at 90°, they features an up/down function (equipment code AC30/C1).
    • Micrometrically adjustable exclusive multifunctional armrest for peripheral venous catheter.



    • Flame reatardant leatherette UNI9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 class 1IM, colours can be choosed
      among a wide range (see page 12).
    • Seamless upholstery allows a thorough and complete sanitization through the most commonly used detergent. It also prevents cross infections.
    • Laying surface composed of soft foam cushions (one seat/leg cushion). Decubitous prevention is ensured by the anatomical shape.
    • Upholstery: with anti-bacterial properties, flame retardant class 1IM, antimicotic, ecologic, latex free, phtalate free.
    • Resistant to: alchool, sodium hypochlorite max 5%, a wide range of common
      used detergent, liquid and other biological fluids.



    • Frame in painted steel with thermosetting and antibacterial powder, available in a wide range of
      colours (see page 12).
    • Anti-tilting frame in any operational condition.



    • ABS base cover (equipment code AC83).
    • ABS seat cover (equipment code AC84).
    • ABS legrest cover (equipment code AC85).
    • ABS backrest cover (equipment code AC86/C).



  • Lying surface in 4 parts (headrest, backrest, seat and leg). 4 wheels.
  • Antistatic, stainless steel, adjustable 0100mm. Centralized braking system. The directional system
  • The directional system ensures great stability to the device (equipment code AC7P2/G).
  • Remote control (3.5m spiral cable) to activate the movements, accessible by the patient.
  • The device can also be adjusted using foot pedals (see accessories on page 8).
  • Transport handle: handles located at the back of the chair (equipment code AC56/1). Transport buttons located on the leg rest. Thanks to these features, the device can be easily moved
  • forward or backward.
  • Power supply by means of an interchangeable 4.5Ah battery (n°2 supplied as standard) with charger included (equipment code AC17P/A).
  • In addition to the above standard features, the chair can be equipped with a wide range of accessories described on the next page (from page 8 to page 12).
  • Maximum load capacity of 200 kg.
  • Also available in bariatric version.