Pinel® restraint system

The Pinel® concept allows all levels of restraint needs to be met with one system. In emergency restraint, the aggressive patient can be immobilized at seven points in less than ten seconds and brought down to a single point as they calm down. More passive patients can be kept in bed or in a chair while maintaining mobility and may not be aware that they are being restrained. This system is suitable for all types of institutional restraint needs, including long-term care, emergency, psychiatric, and intensive care.


# 1001

Includes: 1x Belt, 2x Keys, 2x Side Strap side strap, 2x Button/stick, 2x Button/stick/flap.

Belt with pelvic

#1001 can

Includes: 1x Belt, 2x Keys, 2x Side Strap, 2x Button/Stem, 2x Button/Stem/Strap + 1 Pelvic Strap.



Includes: 1x Extension cord, 1x Rod knob.



Includes: 1x Suspender, 1x Button/Stem/Slide.

Wrist / Ankle


Includes: 1x Wrist-ankle strap, 2x Button/stick/flap.

Magnetic key


Includes: 1x Magnetic key.

Magnetic key cap with ribbon

#1005 A

Includes: 1x Magnetic key cap with ribbon



Includes: 1x Black knob, 1x Stainless steel rod.


#1006 L

Includes: 1x Black knob attached to 1x stainless steel rod.


#1006 A

Includes: 1x Black button


#1006 B

Includes: 1x Stainless steel rod.

Complete set


Includes: 1x Belt, 4x Wrist/Ankle Strap, 1x Extension, 1x Shoulder Strap, 1x Pelvic Strap, 1x Bed Strap, 13x Button/Stem/Slide, 2x Button/Stem, 3x Keys

Complete set with bag


Includes: 1x Belt, 4x Wrist/Ankle Strap, 1x Extension, 1x Shoulder Strap, 1x Pelvic Strap, 1x Bed Strap, 13x Button/Stick/Slide, 2x Button/Stick, 3x Keys, 1x Carry Bag, 1x Emergency Knife.

Carrying bag

#1007 B

Includes: 1x Black storage bag with divisions.

Long utility belt (bed belt)


Includes: 1x Bed Strap. 2x Knob/Stem/Spreader.

Short utility strap


Includes: 1x short utility belt.

Pelvic strap


Includes: 1x Pelvic Strap, 1x Button/Stem.

Patient protector


Includes: 1x Belt with velcro closure, 2x button/rod/lanyard, 2x keys

Emergency bag


Includes: 4x Wrist/Ankle Strap, 2x Side Strap, 1x Bed Strap, 9x Button/Stick/Slide, 2x Keys, 1x Blue Bag, 1x Emergency Knife.

Protective helmet


Includes: General protection helmet. Options; Anti-spill mask.

Emergency knife


Includes: 1x Emergency knife

Velcro protector

Includes: 1x Velcro wash cover.


Includes: 2x limiters, 1x side strap, 3x knob/rod/flap.